WMFC-specific news. This probably includes copies of MailChimps sent to all members.

Our $200,000 Campaign!!


Thanks to our members’ generous donations over the past, we have been able commit to funding two exciting new research projects.  Now comes the hard part – we need to raise $200,000.  Our thermometer will keep track of our accomplishments as this progresses.  We'll update this post from time to time, to track our progress. In partnership with the IWMF, we are funding these two major WM research projects: We are supporting another research project with Dr. Zachary Hunter at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute at Harvard University.He is looking ever more closely at the inner workings of WM with a [...]

Our $200,000 Campaign!!2024-05-11T07:21:29-04:00

Our April Newsletter: Got Test Anxiety?


As WMers, people with a chronic disease, we are subject to regular medical tests. And with those tests comes medical test anxiety. We all get it, whether all the time, or only at major points in our journey with WM. It’s a common and understandable emotional response. Our April newsletter takes a look at the physiological, psychological and emotional responses that make up medical test anxiety so you can recognize them in yourself at test time. And, more importantly, we look at what you can do to understand and manage these instinctive and powerful responses. Follow this link for our discussion [...]

Our April Newsletter: Got Test Anxiety?2024-04-14T12:02:57-04:00

Our February Newsletter: The Costs of Doing Research


If you've ever wondered where your donated dollars go when we support a research project, we take a look at the front line of the fight against WM in our newsletter this month. We also go behind the scenes to give you a glimpse of the practical and operational complexities of cancer research -- where the work takes place, the personnel required, the many and various directions of research being explored, the extraordinary tools of modern cancer research, and how modern cancer treatments finally emerge from the lab to the real world as our therapies. Follow this link and it'll give [...]

Our February Newsletter: The Costs of Doing Research2024-02-17T08:06:32-05:00

Fall Newsletter 2023


As winter approaches ... Our member survey last March had many useful suggestions for newsletter topics, one of which was ‘healthy living with WM’ so that’s what we’ll discuss as the challenges of winter pertaining to mood, mind and body approach. And in other news, our Fall Newsletter covers: At the IWMF Ed Forum in April, Brenda Rogers, the WMFC Co-Support Group Leader in Vancouver, introduced Dr Treon to our brand-new video on Newly Diagnosed WM patients that we developed in co-operation with BeiGene and CTC Communications. A welcome expansion of our Patient Support Group network – the Manitoba and Friends [...]

Fall Newsletter 20232023-11-06T17:27:30-05:00

May 2023 Newsletter: Contents


May is Research Month Spring has sprung and with May upon us, it’s time to thank you for a successful Research Month. With our fundraising and research so intertwined we’d like to give you an idea of the current state of WM research and its future so we’ve put together a simplified snapshot of a complicated issue. The WMFC is always proud to remind you that most of our donations go towards funding research.  Donations also fund our goal of taking patient education programmes like the Educational Forums online to make them more accessible across Canada.  Your donations also go to [...]

May 2023 Newsletter: Contents2023-05-31T21:02:31-04:00

WM Symptom Tracker and New WMFC Brochure


Thanks to an Educational Grant from BeiGene, we are very pleased to bring you two new, professionally-produced items: A Symptom Tracker:  Available from our web page here, you can either print this out and write on it, or download it to your device and use it as a fillable form.   This is designed for you to track symptoms that you may be aware of, physically; we're afraid you'll have to find your own way if you want to graph and track your blood test results. A new WMFC brochure:  Available from a different web page, here.  We will be distributing [...]

WM Symptom Tracker and New WMFC Brochure2022-12-14T11:17:06-05:00

Your donations at work: A Breakthrough In Research


Breakthrough research by Dr. Zachary Hunter of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, funded by donations to the IWMF and the WMFC A much more detailed and nuanced understanding of the biology of Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia has emerged from research funded by WMFC donors. The study by Dr. Zachary Hunter of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston is a very sophisticated search for new research directions -- “Multiomic Analysis of DNA, RNA and Epigenomic Networks in WM”. To conduct a multiomic analysis Dr. Hunter’s research group combined a very broad range of data from various sources; clinical data, mutation studies, [...]

Your donations at work: A Breakthrough In Research2022-12-01T18:17:52-05:00

Got some time for the WMFC?


As a Canadian Cancer Charity, for over 20 years we have relied entirely upon dedicated and passionate volunteers to help us offer support and education to WM patients and their families, as well as to raise money for research to ultimately find a cure for WM. To continue expanding this amazing story, WE NEED YOUR HELP! If you have ever considered volunteering for a charity and you have a few hours each week to spend helping our WM efforts, we would love to talk with you.  Whatever your experience or time constraints, we can find you a rewarding opportunity. Specifically, we [...]

Got some time for the WMFC?2022-10-20T14:15:27-04:00

WMFC and LLSC Announce a WM-focussed Operating Grant


The WMFC, in partnership with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada (LLSC), is pleased to announce the availability of an Operating Grant for research into WM. An Operating Grant is a two-year grant designed to provide funding to research that may ultimately lead to a significant change in the understanding, diagnosis, or treatment of blood cancer -- in our case, specifically for WM. All the details are available at the LLSC website on Operating Grants, but the highlights of such an award are as follows: Available to researchers at Canadian institutions Funding is for up to $100,000 per year [...]

WMFC and LLSC Announce a WM-focussed Operating Grant2022-09-13T16:55:57-04:00

How Your Donations to the WMFC are Put to Work


Did you know that over the past 5 years, the WMFC has committed over $750,000 to fund research for a cure and improved treatments for WM?  Pretty darn good for an all-volunteer organization with so few patients having such a rare cancer.  80% of all WMFC donations go directly to WM Research! Research makes a difference.  “Three years ago my whole world came crashing down when I was diagnosed with WM” says Anne.  “Through the advocacy of the WMFC Toronto support group, I was connected with Dr. Berinstein about to open a new clinical trial.  My participation in this trial changed [...]

How Your Donations to the WMFC are Put to Work2022-05-14T17:08:06-04:00
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