WMFC and LLSC Announce a WM-focussed Operating Grant


The WMFC, in partnership with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada (LLSC), is pleased to announce the availability of an Operating Grant for research into WM. An Operating Grant is a two-year grant designed to provide funding to research that may ultimately lead to a significant change in the understanding, diagnosis, or treatment of blood cancer -- in our case, specifically for WM. All the details are available at the LLSC website on Operating Grants, but the highlights of such an award are as follows: Available to researchers at Canadian institutions Funding is for up to $100,000 per year [...]

WMFC and LLSC Announce a WM-focussed Operating Grant2022-09-13T16:55:57-04:00

How Your Donations to the WMFC are Put to Work


Did you know that over the past 5 years, the WMFC has committed over $750,000 to fund research for a cure and improved treatments for WM?  Pretty darn good for an all-volunteer organization with so few patients having such a rare cancer.  80% of all WMFC donations go directly to WM Research! Research makes a difference.  “Three years ago my whole world came crashing down when I was diagnosed with WM” says Anne.  “Through the advocacy of the WMFC Toronto support group, I was connected with Dr. Berinstein about to open a new clinical trial.  My participation in this trial changed [...]

How Your Donations to the WMFC are Put to Work2022-05-14T17:08:06-04:00

News and Updates from your WMFC!


February 2022: Thank you!! Calgary Ed Forum Upcoming National Zoom meeting! One member's experience with a cross-border clinical trial ... during a pandemic What's new on the web site? "Grand Rounds" Thank you!! To everyone who made our end of year appeal a great success … Thank you so much for supporting the WMFC with your donation.  We raised almost $40,000 in the last few months of 2021.  This is a huge accomplishment for our small and volunteer-led organization.  There is no greater gift you can give, and every single dollar raised supports essential WMFC initiatives. Your support has a direct [...]

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Bulletin: Who do you know …


  Who do you know that can help us fund a cure for WM? Join the WMFC Fundraising Committee The WMFC is recruiting members for its Fundraising Committee.  We depend on donors to do our important work, and each year we raise funds to support WM research.  Recently, the WMFC created a volunteer Fundraising Committee to lead our fundraising efforts, and we hope you’ll consider joining us. The WMFC Fundraising Committee supports the planning, coordination, and implementation of WMFC fundraising to support strategic and program priorities.  The Committee plays an essential role in determining the WMFC’s fundraising strategy, supporting events and [...]

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End of Year Appeal


The WMFC Needs Your Help 90% of all Donations fund WM Research and Patient Support The WMFC is entirely a volunteer Foundation and is the only Canadian organization focused exclusively on WM, its patients, and their families.  We run only two donation campaigns per year; right now we are asking for your support for our Year End Appeal.  All donations that are received by December 31, 2021 will receive a CRA tax receipt. Our recent accomplishments and future plans include: WMFC continues to fund two Research Grants: a US $200,000 WM research grant to Dr Hunter at the [...]

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Updates from WMFC during Blood Cancer Awareness month


September 2021: From the WMFC Editorial Board: What's up with CAR T in Canada? New items of interest on our Web site In-person support group meetings not recommended yet The US FDA catches up to Canada by approving Zanubrutinib Launch of Two New Support Groups Request for your WM Doctor's name Rob Murenbeeld Memorial Golf Tournament Volunteers Needed   From the WMFC Editorial Board: What's up with CAR T in Canada? CAR T treatment is in the news everywhere.  How does it relate to WM?  And are there any CAR T trials going on in Canada?  Click here to check out [...]

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WMFC: Launching Canadian WM Blog + Research Month Success


June 2021: Introducing the New Canadian WM Blog Join the IWMF Research Month: Wow! The new WMFC Board of Directors   Canadian WM Blog The Editorial Group of the WMFC is pleased to present the first in a series of Blog posts on topics of interest to Canadian WM patients.  Whether it is new treatment options, status of drug approvals, clinical trial results or how your research money is being spent, we will do the research and provide to you a clear and concise report on the topic. We start the series with a focus on an important Clinical Trial in [...]

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Announcement concerning the Chair of the WMFC


On May 19, 2021 the WMFC held its Annual General Meeting.  At the end of the meeting Paul Kitchen announced that he would be stepping down as Chair of the Board after two years in this role.  This is what he wrote in the WMFC May Newsletter: “Tonight at the AGM I will be stepping down as Chair of the Board.  I have been Chair for more than two years and have very much enjoyed this role.  As you all know, living with WM takes its toll and I do not at this time have the energy to continue as Chair.  [...]

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Research Month and May Update


Research Month On behalf of the WMFC Board I would like to thank all those who have made a contribution to this year’s Research Month.  It has been a great month for the WMFC and you have enabled the Board to fulfil the commitments it has made to support leading research in both the United States and Canada. It is never too late for those who would like to send in a contribution towards the research work the WMFC is supporting. Paul’s Walk to Support Research Month May has been a long and very cool month in New Brunswick and by [...]

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May 2021 WMFC Newsletter


A reminder that tonight is the AGM at 7:00pm EST.  A zoom link is below.   Our AGM is not very exciting but all are welcome to view. WMFC AGM via Zoom Time: May 19, 2021 07:00 PM Eastern Time Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 857 394 0250 Thank you very much for all the support for both Research Month and the “Walk 10K a Day in May”.  The walk and those supporting it have raised over $20K.  Thank you.  I have been inspired by your enthusiasm and support. Tonight at the AGM I will be stepping down as Chair of the Board.  [...]

May 2021 WMFC Newsletter2021-05-19T17:47:34-04:00
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