As winter approaches …

Our member survey last March had many useful suggestions for newsletter topics, one of which was ‘healthy living with WM’ so that’s what we’ll discuss as the challenges of winter pertaining to mood, mind and body approach.

And in other news, our Fall Newsletter covers:

  • At the IWMF Ed Forum in April, Brenda Rogers, the WMFC Co-Support Group Leader in Vancouver, introduced Dr Treon to our brand-new video on Newly Diagnosed WM patients that we developed in co-operation with BeiGene and CTC Communications.
  • A welcome expansion of our Patient Support Group network – the Manitoba and Friends Group
  • More information on the Canadian medical system and drug approval process
  • The many successes of the WMFC Waldenstrom’s September Walk.

Our Fall Newsletter is available here, in English.  And in French, it is available here.