May is Research Month

Spring has sprung and with May upon us, it’s time to thank you for a successful Research Month. With our fundraising and research so intertwined we’d like to give you an idea of the current state of WM research and its future so we’ve put together a simplified snapshot of a complicated issue.

The WMFC is always proud to remind you that most of our donations go towards funding research.  Donations also fund our goal of taking patient education programmes like the Educational Forums online to make them more accessible across Canada.  Your donations also go to increasing the reach of our vital Support Groups across the country.

The WMFC has supported research from its inception and to date, we have given over $1.3 million to research projects. Our goal for the future is to increase our research funding by tripling our revenue to $300,000 a year, a lofty goal but a worthy one.

A look at current WM research and how your donations are put to work


Dave Johnston’s long acquaintance with WM and the WMFC

Dave Johnston’s been a WMer since 1998 and involved with the WMFC Board since 2010. Here the founder of the WMFC remembers him well, his wife writes about his life and current Board members share their thoughts on Dave’s long association with WM and the WMFC


Looking for a second opinion about WM or being evaluated for WM? Now there’s travel and lodging assistance available for Canadian WMers.

The National Organization for Rare Disorders, NORD and the IWMF are offering financial help with travel and lodging for new and ‘it may be WM’ patients seeking help with their diagnosis.

Details and contact information here.


Another way to donate. No $$$ required.

You can donate your data to research too, here’s how.


Where to look for current WM research

Here’s a list of sources where you can look for the most recent developments in WM research. Some sources are technical and scientific while the IWMF’s Torch articles are more for the layperson.

Oopsie alert!

A quick message to those who recently volunteered through the survey.

Several responders kindly clicked the ‘I’ll volunteer’ button but missed the ‘Here’s my contact information button.
If that’s you, can you please get in touch here?

Thank you.

And finally, news about new donations

Our fundraising has been quite successful this year thanks to these generous donors