The WMFC is a voluntary nonprofit organization and affiliate of the International Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia Foundation (IWMF).

We appreciate the IWMF’s willingness to share so much with us. IWMF volunteers, volunteers from the IWMF Affiliates and WM researchers develop numerous quality  publications.

It is hoped that these publications will provide the newly diagnosed and veteran patients, as well as caregivers, with up-to-date information about WM and how to treat it. Most of these materials are available in English and French as well as other different languages.

The IWMF has also created a comprehensive Packet of Information (Info Pak) for the newly diagnosed which is also available on their website.

IWMF Educational Materiel:

Fact Sheets

Summarizing the more common drugs currently being administered for WM, and information about WM, common treatments and associated topics.

Treatment Option Guides

Pamphlets outlining the details concerning the most common treatments.


On Basic Immunology, Glossary of Terms, Frequently Asked Questions, Medical Tests, Questions and Answers plus many others.

NCCN Guidelines

The National Comprehensive Cancer Network is a not-for-profit alliance of 31 leading cancer centers in the US.  They publish

  • clinical practice guidelines, containing recommendations for screening, diagnosis and treatments, kept up-to-date as research results are produced.  These are designed for providers of cancer care, but are understandable once you have a reasonable background in the disease.
  • patient-oriented guidelines, which present the information from the above in simpler formats.  They explain the options likely to have the best results.

These documents are available free of charge, although you must register a free account to access them.

If you are having difficulty accessing this resource, send us a note, and the WMFC will have someone help you out.

Karger “Fast Facts”

Two recent (2022) publications from Karger publications are available, after signing up at their site.


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