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We plan to run occasional articles on this website about aspects of WM research and treatment, specific to Canada and Canadian patients.  If you have any suggestions for topics that you would like to see explored or commented on, you can email your suggestions or questions to wm.in.Canada@wmfc.ca.

Although these are neither medical advice nor the opinion of the WMFC Board, we hope that as educational material, these help you navigate the Canadian world of WM.

World-class WM clinical trial in Canada

June 15th, 2021|

This first article in our new, Canadian-focussed series, explores an important new WM clinical trial that is now up and running in Canada.  This trial presents a unique opportunity for previously untreated WM patients who now require treatment for the first time.  As a Canadian WM clinical trial, there are no trial costs associated with it for the patient.

This trial is headquartered out of Sunnybrook Health Services Centre in Toronto, and the principal investigator is Dr. Neil Berinstein, who is well known and respected within the WM community.  The trial is also now running at BCCancer in Vancouver.  Halifax , […]


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