Thanks to an Educational Grant from BeiGene, we are very pleased to bring you two new, professionally-produced items:

  • A Symptom Tracker:  Available from our web page here, you can either print this out and write on it, or download it to your device and use it as a fillable form.   This is designed for you to track symptoms that you may be aware of, physically; we’re afraid you’ll have to find your own way if you want to graph and track your blood test results.
  • A new WMFC brochure:  Available from a different web page, here.  We will be distributing this in the hope it will get the attention of newly-diagnosed WMers.  There are not very many of us in Canada, so if a new WMer wants to discuss their symptoms or disease progression with someone who is travelling the same path, the WMFC and our Support Groups are the place to be.  You can help!  Print off a copy, fold it up neatly, and ask if it can be posted visibly at your hematology clinic, the next time you are there.  (We also have a number of professionally printed and folded copies that can be distributed; contact us if you can help get larger numbers out and accessible.)  The brochure will also be distributed by BeiGene directly to hematologists in Canada, where the intention is that it be passed on to patients.

Note that the new brochure expects to be folded in a three-panel format, so it may look a bit confusing if you are just looking at the flat document on the screen or hot off the printer. When folded properly, the front panel has our logo on it; the back panel has “Join us NOW” in large letters.