Quarterly Magazine the IWMF Torch

The IWMF Torch is a free magazine that is published quarterly which covers the latest information on WM education, research activities and treatments. Each issue keeps you informed about the progress being made in the fight against WM.

The simplest way to receive the Torch, is to join the IWMF by clicking here and completing the membership form that page references. You will receive, at no cost, an email version of the Torch, direct to your computer each quarter. By joining the IWMF you will also receive the occasional email regarding the activities of this organization.

Or, if you prefer, click here, and send the IWMF a message requesting to receive an email version of the Torch.

You can download current and old published issues of the IWMF Torch here.

In addition, articles designated by the editors as “Best of the IWMF Torch” can be found here.


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