In June of 2019 WMFC undertook a Strategic Plan. This plan is reviewed at every Board meeting and analyzed at the end of following year at the AGM each year, the Board picks the priorities they will focus on over the next year.

WMFC Member Support

There are eight WMFC support groups across Canada and the WMFC is always looking to support the formation of new support groups.  In addition, the WMFC supports the Canadian Lifeline, Online discussion and the WMFC Facebook page.

WMFC is committed to holding an Education Forum each year at different locations across Canada in order to support all WM patients and caregivers.  A local organizing committee will help the WMFC with the logistics in the area the forum is held, and the WMFC commits to finding an array of Canadian and international WM professionals to participate.

WMFC publishes and distributes Newsletters to all its members on a regular basis.


The WMFC is always welcoming new members, and encourages all WM patients, family and friends, to join.  We estimate that in Canada there are about 1500 WM patients.  At present, the WMFC has approximately 400 members.

There is no cost to join the WMFC.

Strategic priorities for 2024-25 that the WMFC will focus on are:

  • Enhancing Support Groups

  • Organizing National Zoom meetings with relevant and knowledgeable speakers

  • Continuing to Invest in Research that advances the effective diagnosis and treatment of WM, through fund raising and research grants


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