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Here is a list of websites that contain useful information about WM and also some information about the COVID-19 virus.

The Covid-19 pandemic is a concern to all of us.  You can hear and read recommendations for the WM community below, from the experts that we rely on for WM knowledge.

Paxlovid: Getting Hold of It

April 10th, 2022|

As you all know, the WM community has many members who are immunocompromised.  This can be for several reasons: they are on, or have recently been on, chemotherapy treatment for the disease (especially Rituxin / Rituximab) they are on BTK [...]

Covid-19 Antiviral Treatments: Availability

March 31st, 2022|

Paxlovid is an oral anti-viral treatment, approved by Health Canada.  It is used only once one has contracted Covid-19, and usage must begin within 5 days of symptom onset. We know that some provinces, for example Ontario, have published [...]

A report on the risk of Covid-19 to the immunocompromised: Let’s check!

December 5th, 2021|

A recent report on the CTV web site  ( discussed the results of a peer-reviewed medical paper.  The paper was a retrospective study of the effects of Covid-19 on a population of 1.2 million people fully-vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine [...]

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