The WMFC is an all-volunteer Canadian organization that receives no government funding.  Approximately 75% of all donations go towards funding research for a cure for WM. 

The WMFC thanks you for considering a donation to the WMFC.

We support donations “In Honour” or “In Memory” of someone.

You can contribute to the WMFC online, by mail, or in other ways discussed below:

Make an ONLINE DONATION using your credit card.

WMFC uses PayPal as our financial gateway.  A PayPal account is NOT required; you can use your credit card securely, and PayPal manages the transaction for us.

Donate Online using our donation form

Mail a CHEQUE or your credit card information to the WMFC.

Please print, fill out, and include the Donor Form attached here.

Printable DONOR FORM

Make a Legacy Gift by choosing to include the WMFC in your estate.

While planning your estate, you could choose to bequeath a certain amount or percentage of your estate to the WMFC. The process is very easy and can be accomplished by completing a simple codicil to your will.

For further information on Legacy Giving, please contact or calling Paul Kitchen at 1-506-333-0744.

Transfer Stocks or Bonds.

You will receive a Canadian tax receipt for the value of the stock or bond on the day that you contribute it to the WMFC. This has the added benefit of negating any possible capital gains that you might otherwise have had to pay on the stock or bond.

For further information on Stock Transfer Giving, please contact or calling Paul Kitchen at 1-506-333-0744.

Some Canadian WM patients are not in a position to make a financial contribution at this time.  We are as committed to those patients as any other and encourage you to send a Note of Appreciation to the WMFC. Our volunteers are always buoyed to hear we are making a difference in your lives.

Additional Information on donating to the WMFC

  • The WMFC will issue a Canadian tax receipt for all donations of $25 or more to be sent by email, where possible.
  • Being a volunteer organization, the WMFC operates with a very low overhead of between 10 -15% of donations.  After the funding of our support of member services, that leaves approximately 75% of our donations to fund research, which can enhance the quality of life for those with WM and ultimately find a cure.
  • Special contributions of “IN HONOUR OF” or “IN MEMORY OF” are available by completing the appropriate area on the DONOR or ONLINE Forms.  WMFC will send out a Tribute Card to the named party.
  • All online donations take place on a secure server with no credit card information stored on this website.
  • Contributions are voluntary and any patient, caregiver or family member may become a member of the WMFC at no cost by completing the Membership application form on this website.
  • WMFC is the only charitable organization in Canada to focus exclusively on WM and its patients.
  • In recognition of all the charitable requests individuals receive each year, the WMFC commits to having only two charitable requests during the year.  The first will be a designated Research Month where we hope that WM members and their friends will contribute to the latest research project(s) which the WMFC has selected to fund.  The second request will be made at the end of the year where we will ask our WM members to support our Imagine A Cure campaign where we are attempting to raise $1,000,000 in support of WM research and member services.

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