Becoming knowledgeable about WM, treatment options and coping mechanisms are key for your wellbeing as a patient with a rare cancer.

The WMFC annually holds an Educational Forum (Ed Forum) held in major cities across Canada to help patients and caregivers learn about this disease from well renowned WM researchers, clinicians and doctors. Presentations include symptoms and complications of the disease, current treatment options, new therapies and recent research findings that may someday lead to a cure.

Beginning in 2021, the WMFC plans to support having Educational Forums in different communities across Canada. This will provide an opportunity for those in various regions to hear from WM experts and other wonderful speakers.

Any community of WM patients or support group can request to host an Education Forum. The WMFC will:

  • Find a group of international speakers to come and speak at the event
  • Financially support the organizing committee
  • Provide a registration system via our website to assist in the registration and receiving payment from registrants.

The local organizing committee is expected to:

  • Find a convenient and reasonably economic location for the event
  • Find, if possible, one local speaker that would be of interest to the attendees
  • Have regular communication with the WMFC about the progress of the Ed Forums

Helpful Hints:

The organizing committee should begin meetings approximately one year before the Education Forum. An organizing committee of four to six people is about right. WMFC will provide a Zoom account to allow holding virtual meetings if it is helpful.

Presentations from past Education Forums can be found here.

2019 WMFC Educational Forum (Toronto April 13, 2019)

2018 WMFC Educational Forum. (Halifax October 27, 2018)

IWMF Education Forums

The IWMF annually sponsors, usually in the spring, an Education Forum, in different parts of the US. This forum typically lasts 2-3 days and is available to all WM patients and their caregivers worldwide.   This is a place to learn about our disease from WM specialists and address symptoms and complications, current treatment options, new therapies and much more. The Education Forum usually involves breakout discussion groups on specific topics of interest to both patients and caregivers.

IWMF Virtual Education Forum, August 29, 2020.

Due to the COVID situation, the IWMF held its first Virtual Educational Forum on August 27th and August 28th (2020).
Over 1000 people participated in this very successful event.  Three prominent doctors made presentations followed by short question and answer periods.  On the second day these three doctors participated in a 90 minute Ask the Doctors Session.  Dr. Castillo’s presentation was titled Current Treatment Options For WM.  Dr Castillo’s second presentation was titled A Look into The Future: Treatments On The Horizon.  Dr. Treon’s presentation was titled Improving Patient Outcomes Through Discovery: Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia.  On the second day Dr. Ansell’s topic was Strategic Research Roadmap: Getting To A World Without WM.  Click below to watch any of the videos. 


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