Research in WM in Canada has been impressive considering our population and the rarity of WM.

The support from the WMFC membership has been generous and impressive. For a small group of Canadians to have extensively funded WM research is something we should all be proud of especially because WMFC receives no Government support.

As a result of research, the life expectancy and quality of life for patients with WM has changed dramatically over the last 30 years. Today many WM patients are living with this disease for more than 25 years. It is not long ago the life expectancy was seven years from diagnosis. Research is making a difference.

The WMFC has supported research from its inception and to date, we have committed to granting over $1.5 Million in research funds.

The research projects are presented to the WMFC Board and a decision on supporting a project or projects is made after hearing the advice from the IWMF Scientific Committee.

Listed below are the research grants that the WMFC has undertaken that are currently active or total committed:

Date Amount Location Researcher Subject
2005-25 $1,505,326 Total Research Supported by WMFC 11 Projects
2005-07 $100,000 Alberta Cancer Board Edmonton Pilarski Genetic Characteristics of WM
2009-11 $99,935 BC Cancer Agency Vancouver Nelson The Immune Response to WM
2014-16 $163,970 BC Cancer Agency Vancouver Nielsen & Nelson Adoptive T-cell Therapy for WM
2012-15 $119,295 Dana Farber Boston Carrasco WM Mouse Model
2018-20 $263,095 Dana Farber Boston Carrasco Continuation of 2012-15 research
2019-20 $102,610 Dana Farber Boston Treon Epigenomic Roadmap of WM
2019-20 $96,421 University Health Network Toronto Chen and Trudel Peripheral blood in diagnosis of WM
2020-22 $260,000 Dana Farber Boston Hunter Multiomic Analysis of DNA, RNA and Epigenomic Networks in WM
2022-24 $100,000 Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Toronto Chow Characterization of genomic alterations in treatment naive patients with WM through a course of targeted treatment and disease progression
2023-25 $100,000 Mayo Clinic, Rochester MN Mondello Identifying the oncogenic cooperation between IRF4 and MYD88 L265p and their impact on the Tumor Microenvironment of Waldenstrom Macroglobulinemia
2023-25 $100,000 Dana Farber, Boston MA Hunter Characterization of isoform usage, novel isoforms, and tumor evolution in WM

Our Research Investments over Time

You can follow the progress of one of the WMFC’s most important projects, with Dr. Hunter at Dana Farber:


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