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Betty McPhee: Providing Hope by Telling My Story


"I was at work when my doctor called me on my cell phone.  I teach Deaf students, and I normally wouldn't answer the phone at school, but I happened to be on a spare.  She told me that she thought I had Waldenstrom's Macroglobulinemia which is a rare blood cancer, and when I heard that word, it really stopped me in my tracks.  You hear the word cancer, and the first thing you think is that you might not live much longer. I didn't know what to think, but I knew that I wasn't going to let it take over [...]

Betty McPhee: Providing Hope by Telling My Story2021-07-07T18:13:36-04:00

Webcast: Canadian Clinical Trials and Access, for Lymphoma Patients


What would you like to know about participating in a Clinical Trial in Canada?  Dr. Neil Berinstein, known to many of our readers, walked through many, many of the questions one might have.  Think of it as "Clinical Trials 101". This was presented as a webcast through Lymphoma Canada on June 29, 2021. Dr. Berinstein himself is running a WM-specific clinical trial right now, so this is definitely appropriate to our WM community. For the description of the event from Lymphoma Canada, click here. And to view the webcast, you will have to click here, and supply your name and email [...]

Webcast: Canadian Clinical Trials and Access, for Lymphoma Patients2021-07-03T13:25:57-04:00

WMFC: Launching Canadian WM Blog + Research Month Success


June 2021: Introducing the New Canadian WM Blog Join the IWMF Research Month: Wow! The new WMFC Board of Directors   Canadian WM Blog The Editorial Group of the WMFC is pleased to present the first in a series of Blog posts on topics of interest to Canadian WM patients.  Whether it is new treatment options, status of drug approvals, clinical trial results or how your research money is being spent, we will do the research and provide to you a clear and concise report on the topic. We start the series with a focus on an important Clinical Trial in [...]

WMFC: Launching Canadian WM Blog + Research Month Success2021-06-26T15:50:42-04:00

National Zoom: The Management of WM in Canada


We were privileged to have Dr. Christine Chen, from Toronto's Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, give us an overview of how WM is managed in Canada.  She covered both BR (the standard of care pretty much across Canada), and discussed how newer treatments are being picked up. And there was time for a question-and-answer session, as well. You will need a passcode to view the recording: 5Rm64fh* -- if you are copy-and-pasting it, make sure you pick up the asterisk (*) at the end, as it is part of the passcode.  And make sure you do not inadvertently pick up a [...]

National Zoom: The Management of WM in Canada2021-06-16T17:11:04-04:00

World-class WM clinical trial in Canada


This first article in our new, Canadian-focussed series, explores an important new WM clinical trial that is now up and running in Canada.  This trial presents a unique opportunity for previously untreated WM patients who now require treatment for the first time.  As a Canadian WM clinical trial, there are no trial costs associated with it for the patient. This trial is headquartered out of Sunnybrook Health Services Centre in Toronto, and the principal investigator is Dr. Neil Berinstein, who is well known and respected within the WM community.  The trial is also now running at BCCancer in Vancouver.  Halifax , [...]

World-class WM clinical trial in Canada2021-06-26T15:39:36-04:00

WhiMSICAL Project Seeks Participants, Updated Information; You Can Help!


The WhiMSICAL registry, built through a patient-clinician investigator partnership, is a global database for WM patients to enter their own data.  Results of the WhiMSICAL study have just been published in the prestigious American Journal of Hematology (see https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/ajh.26173).  Key findings include the longest time to next treatment after 1st line therapy in patients treated with bendamustine rituximab, and a better quality of life in those on BTK inhibitors compared to recent chemotherapy. Over 450 patients from 19 countries contributed to this first global registry for WM.  Thank you to all who entered their data into the WhiMSICAL Registry.  Your efforts [...]

WhiMSICAL Project Seeks Participants, Updated Information; You Can Help!2021-06-20T16:45:41-04:00

Announcement concerning the Chair of the WMFC


On May 19, 2021 the WMFC held its Annual General Meeting.  At the end of the meeting Paul Kitchen announced that he would be stepping down as Chair of the Board after two years in this role.  This is what he wrote in the WMFC May Newsletter: “Tonight at the AGM I will be stepping down as Chair of the Board.  I have been Chair for more than two years and have very much enjoyed this role.  As you all know, living with WM takes its toll and I do not at this time have the energy to continue as Chair.  [...]

Announcement concerning the Chair of the WMFC2021-06-01T12:16:32-04:00

Research Month and May Update


Research Month On behalf of the WMFC Board I would like to thank all those who have made a contribution to this year’s Research Month.  It has been a great month for the WMFC and you have enabled the Board to fulfil the commitments it has made to support leading research in both the United States and Canada. It is never too late for those who would like to send in a contribution towards the research work the WMFC is supporting. Paul’s Walk to Support Research Month May has been a long and very cool month in New Brunswick and by [...]

Research Month and May Update2021-05-31T20:33:58-04:00

May 2021 WMFC Newsletter


A reminder that tonight is the AGM at 7:00pm EST.  A zoom link is below.   Our AGM is not very exciting but all are welcome to view. WMFC AGM via Zoom Time: May 19, 2021 07:00 PM Eastern Time Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/8573940250 Meeting ID: 857 394 0250 Thank you very much for all the support for both Research Month and the “Walk 10K a Day in May”.  The walk and those supporting it have raised over $20K.  Thank you.  I have been inspired by your enthusiasm and support. Tonight at the AGM I will be stepping down as Chair of the Board.  [...]

May 2021 WMFC Newsletter2021-05-19T17:47:34-04:00

May is Research Month!


Each year the WMFC has only two fundraisers.  One is for Research Month and the other is an end of year general appeal.  May 2021 is this year’s Research Month.  We are hoping to raise sufficient funds to support the ground-breaking research that the WMFC is investing in. On our May is Research Month page, you can read about the research that the WMFC is currently funding. And this year, the chair of the WMFC, Paul Kitchen, has set himself a goal: he will walk 10 km per day, every day of the month of May, to raise money for WM [...]

May is Research Month!2021-04-24T13:23:28-04:00
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