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Our $200,000 Campaign!!


Thanks to our members’ generous donations over the past, we have been able commit to funding two exciting new research projects.  Now comes the hard part – we need to raise $200,000.  Our thermometer will keep track of our accomplishments as this progresses.  We'll update this post from time to time, to track our progress. In partnership with the IWMF, we are funding these two major WM research projects: We are supporting another research project with Dr. Zachary Hunter at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute at Harvard University.He is looking ever more closely at the inner workings of WM with a [...]

Our $200,000 Campaign!!2024-05-11T07:21:29-04:00

Our April Newsletter: Got Test Anxiety?


As WMers, people with a chronic disease, we are subject to regular medical tests. And with those tests comes medical test anxiety. We all get it, whether all the time, or only at major points in our journey with WM. It’s a common and understandable emotional response. Our April newsletter takes a look at the physiological, psychological and emotional responses that make up medical test anxiety so you can recognize them in yourself at test time. And, more importantly, we look at what you can do to understand and manage these instinctive and powerful responses. Follow this link for our discussion [...]

Our April Newsletter: Got Test Anxiety?2024-04-14T12:02:57-04:00

April 17th is Waldenstrom’s World Awareness Day


The WMFC is recognizing and celebrating World Awareness Day for WM! That's one week from today, on Dr. Jan Gösta Waldenström's birthday -- April 17th. This is a worldwide event to raise the awareness of WM. Naturally we do not need to raise awareness of WM among you, our members, as you are already far too aware of this disease. But you can help raise awareness of the disease among everyone else. If you have social media accounts, please post one of the following, or something along these lines, on April 17th: Have you ever heard of #WaldenstromsMacroglobulinemia (#WM)? Can you [...]

April 17th is Waldenstrom’s World Awareness Day2024-04-10T07:09:19-04:00

Dr. Berinstein: Decisions around First Line Therapy


On Mar. 27/2024, Dr. Neil Berinstein of the Odette Cancer Centre at the Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto put us in the driver's (ok, doctor's) seat!  After giving us the basics of WM diagnosis and treatment options, we were offered four case studies, and had to decide on their diagnosis and treatment.  Not as easy as it sounds!!  Once again, WM proves that "when you've met one WMer ... you've met one WMer" -- we are all so different from one another. Dr. Berinstein is also the Principal Investigator for the all-Canadian BRAWM trial, for previously untreated Canadian WM patients who now [...]

Dr. Berinstein: Decisions around First Line Therapy2024-03-28T14:17:00-04:00

BRAWM Trial Approaching Completion


The WMFC has been closely following the progress of the BRAWM trial because it is the only Canadian clinical treatment trial strictly for WM patients.   As Principal Investigator Dr. Neil Berinstein reported in the 2023 ASH conference, “initial clinical results show that this treatment induces a high percentage of CR + VGPRs”. It has come to our attention that there are only 6 spots left in this 59-patient Canadian WM trial.  Access for most Canadians is not an issue, as there are 9 (nine!) trial locations across Canada: Halifax, Laval, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver.  As mentioned [...]

BRAWM Trial Approaching Completion2024-03-14T18:18:45-04:00

What is a “Drug Access Navigator” (DAN)?


An oncology DAN is someone who investigates and coordinates funding for a patient’s prescribed drug therapy. The oncology DAN examines all possible options for funding and takes some of the burden off patients in coordinating this part of their care.  The focus of the oncology Drug Access Navigator is to coordinate funding for those drugs not funded through the hospital formulary.  (And remember, every province has a different formulary, listing drugs that it covers.) Each DAN stays up to date on drug plan submission processes, temporary drug release programs, and financial assistance options.  Their role is to keep both the patient [...]

What is a “Drug Access Navigator” (DAN)?2024-03-08T11:33:34-05:00

Our February Newsletter: The Costs of Doing Research


If you've ever wondered where your donated dollars go when we support a research project, we take a look at the front line of the fight against WM in our newsletter this month. We also go behind the scenes to give you a glimpse of the practical and operational complexities of cancer research -- where the work takes place, the personnel required, the many and various directions of research being explored, the extraordinary tools of modern cancer research, and how modern cancer treatments finally emerge from the lab to the real world as our therapies. Follow this link and it'll give [...]

Our February Newsletter: The Costs of Doing Research2024-02-17T08:06:32-05:00

Education: The bigger picture — Non-Hodgkin Lymphomas


For those of you interested in a slightly bigger picture, this video, from The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada (LLSC), may be of interest.  At a high level, it presents an overview of Non-Hodgkin Lymphomas, including where they arise from, the spectrum of lymphomas from indolent to aggressive, and very good (but brief!) introductions to the various treatment modalities.   Of particular interest was a discussion of how sub-classification of lymphomas is leading to better treatments -- exactly what was done in the WMFC co-sponsored research from Dr. Hunter.  An overview of Minimal Residual Disease is useful as background for those [...]

Education: The bigger picture — Non-Hodgkin Lymphomas2024-01-26T13:24:38-05:00

The WMFC’s next research projects


With your kind donations and in partnership with the IWMF, the WMFC has committed $100,000, over two years, towards each of the following major WM research projects: Following our support of Dr. Zachary Hunter’s previous successful research at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute at Harvard University we are now supporting another.  Dr. Hunter is looking ever more closely at the inner workings of WM with a study of the different versions of WM-related genes (called isoforms), finding new versions and studying how these genes evolve in WM.  It’s a two year US$480,000 project. For the first time we have an opportunity to [...]

The WMFC’s next research projects2023-12-27T11:33:17-05:00

Two Booklets Now Available!


In partnership with the IWMF, we are thrilled to make available to you two booklets that are part of the Global Initiative for education of both patients and physicians, worldwide. And through the generosity of educational grants from BeiGene and Janssen, printed copies have been put in the mail to our WMFC members (as of about Nov. 1, 2023).  And we will continue sending out copies to new members as long as our supplies last! Of course, you can download and print your own copies using the links below. The first booklet, Essential Information: A Patient's Guide, answers the questions you [...]

Two Booklets Now Available!2023-11-29T17:38:46-05:00
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