On Mar. 27/2024, Dr. Neil Berinstein of the Odette Cancer Centre at the Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto put us in the driver’s (ok, doctor’s) seat!  After giving us the basics of WM diagnosis and treatment options, we were offered four case studies, and had to decide on their diagnosis and treatment.  Not as easy as it sounds!!  Once again, WM proves that “when you’ve met one WMer … you’ve met one WMer” — we are all so different from one another.

Dr. Berinstein is also the Principal Investigator for the all-Canadian BRAWM trial, for previously untreated Canadian WM patients who now require treatment.  BRAWM is the acronym for Bendamustine, Rituximab, and Acalabrutinib in WM.  The trial is almost filled and is running in 9 centres across Canada

You can view the recording of this video here on our YouTube channel.