An oncology DAN is someone who investigates and coordinates funding for a patient’s prescribed drug therapy.

The oncology DAN examines all possible options for funding and takes some of the burden off patients in coordinating this part of their care.  The focus of the oncology Drug Access Navigator is to coordinate funding for those drugs not funded through the hospital formulary.  (And remember, every province has a different formulary, listing drugs that it covers.)

Each DAN stays up to date on drug plan submission processes, temporary drug release programs, and financial assistance options.  Their role is to keep both the patient and the oncology team informed, and to keep the treatment plan moving smoothly.

DANs work closely with pharmaceutical company representatives, who provide them with up-to-date information about their products’ coverage, including public and private coverage funding criteria and any Patient Assistance Program that might be available for particular drugs.

Many cancer clinics and hospitals in Canada have a DAN.  If drug access is an issue for you, ask at your clinic or hospital to be connected with a Drug Access Navigator.