The WMFC is recognizing and celebrating World Awareness Day for WM! That’s one week from today, on Dr. Jan Gösta Waldenström’s birthday — April 17th.

This is a worldwide event to raise the awareness of WM. Naturally we do not need to raise awareness of WM among you, our members, as you are already far too aware of this disease.

But you can help raise awareness of the disease among everyone else. If you have social media accounts, please post one of the following, or something along these lines, on April 17th:

  • Have you ever heard of #WaldenstromsMacroglobulinemia (#WM)? Can you pronounce it? It’s a rare form of lymphoma, with no known cure currently. And I’ve been diagnosed with it. Today is World Waldenstrom’s Awareness Day!! See
  • In all of Canada, there are only about 1500 people living with #WaldenstromsMacroglobulinemia (#WM). And I’m one of them. Today is World Waldenstrom’s Awareness Day!! See

You could take the ribbon available here and make it your social media badge.  And there’s a different version here.

And lastly, if you’re wondering “how truly worldwide is it, this World Awareness Day for WM” — here’s a video that can bring it all into perspective.  15 different organizations around the globe, coming together with one message.

Don’t forget — on the 17th, please help raise awareness of WM!