The WMFC has been closely following the progress of the BRAWM trial because it is the only Canadian clinical treatment trial strictly for WM patients.   As Principal Investigator Dr. Neil Berinstein reported in the 2023 ASH conference, “initial clinical results show that this treatment induces a high percentage of CR + VGPRs”.

It has come to our attention that there are only 6 spots left in this 59-patient Canadian WM trial.  Access for most Canadians is not an issue, as there are 9 (nine!) trial locations across Canada: Halifax, Laval, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver.  As mentioned above, trial results so far are showing deeper remissions than for any other conventional treatment.  Assuming the trial results continue like this, when the trial closes it may be a few years before this treatment combination becomes widely available.

If you are currently untreated and are on W&W, and you are discussing the possibility of near-term treatment with your doctor, you may want to consider including this option in your discussions.

The WMFC encourages WM research and financially contributes support for cutting edge research deriving from the BRAWM Trial.