Nemtabrutinib (a.k.a. MK-1026 and ARQ 531) is a BTK inhibitor, but, similar to Pirtobrutinib (LOXO-305), has a reversible (“non-covalent”) binding behaviour to the BTK site.  (For more information on its chemistry, see this site.)

An open-label phase 2 trial of Nemtabrutinib, including WM patients, is now recruiting at locations around the world.  In particular, three (as of May 24/2022) Canadian locations are included:

  • The Tom Baker Cancer Centre, Calgary, AB; Study co-ordinator is at (403) 521-3723
  • The Jewish General Hospital, Montreal, QC; Study co-ordinator is at (514) 340-8222, x24572
  • The Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa, ON; Study co-ordinator is at (613) 737-7700 (added as of May 24/2022; Ed. note: unfortunately, this is just the generic hospital number; try asking for the Hematology department, and inquire there, maybe?)

The study is listed here on the ClinicalTrials web site.

This is an important study for Canadian WMers, as the eligibility criteria specifically asks for WM patients “who are relapsed or refractory to standard therapies for WM including chemoimmunotherapy and a covalent irreversible BTKi”