The IWMF held a North America Support Group Leaders meeting on January 15, 2021 with Dr. Ansell of the Mayo Clinic (Rochester, MN) as the guest speaker.

We’ve posted here a few approximate timestamps for topics in the video, in case you are only interested in a particular item.  But they are all worthwhile – he is an excellent speaker and explainer!  The topics covered included:

  • (From 4:40 to 24:30)  As chair of the IWMF Scientific Advisory Committee he discusses how the committee operates.  But this is not just a dry talk about committee structures – he spends the majority of the time discussing the key knowledge gaps that need to be explored in search for a cure for WM.  His slides and explanations of deep topics make it all intelligible!
  • (From 24:30 to 30:00) Dr. Ansell presents a brief primer on how the new Covid-19 vaccines work.  Again, his slides make it easy to understand.
  • (From 30:00 to 33:10) He answers the question “What is the one thing that I wish every WMer knew today?”.  Which is basically about the change in survival rates over the last decade or so, as research has provided more knowledge and more treatment possibilities.
  • (From 33:10 onwards) Dr. Ansell takes questions from the attendees  If you’re interested in more on the Covid-19 vaccines, that takes the majority of the time (up to about 1:01:00); the remainder of the Q&A (another 13 minutes) is more general WM questions.

Please enjoy watching this highly informative video!