All Canadian Recommendations for 3rd Covid Vaccines for Lymphoma Patients


Lymphoma Canada has kindly put together a collection of all provincial and territorial recommendations regarding Covid vaccines, for Lymphoma patients. For your convenience, we reproduce their table of provincial links here.  But the Lymphoma Canada article goes further, with very valuable Q&As in the Canadian context.  It makes for recommended reading if you are concerned. Read their full article here Province Provincial Recommendations for the Third COVID-19 Vaccine Dose British Columbia Alberta Saskatchewan Manitoba Ontario Quebec Newfoundland & Labrador Nova Scotia Prince Edward Island New Brunswick [...]

All Canadian Recommendations for 3rd Covid Vaccines for Lymphoma Patients2021-10-15T09:05:41-04:00

LLS Studies Covid Vaccination Response in Blood Cancers


The US Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) has been running a study specifically focused on US patients with Leukemia or Lymphomas, looking at how well the vaccines in use in the US are at creating antibodies in that population.  We've previously reported on their overall summary: "Get Vaccinated, Act Un-vaccinated".  (And in particular, see the last part of this summary for some excellent FAQs from vaccinated blood cancer patients.) The LLS has recently posted a video given by Dr. Larry Saltzman, the Executive Research Director of the LLS, providing more details behind their results.  There are many statistics of interest [...]

LLS Studies Covid Vaccination Response in Blood Cancers2021-09-21T11:22:05-04:00

How many antibodies does it take to keep a WMer safe from Covid-19?


This very frequently asked question was addressed, recently, on the IWMF Connect email list.  This particular answer deserves wide coverage, so for those of you who haven't seen it, it is copied here.  Unlike well-known and well-researched and stable diseases, such as, say, measles, there just has not been sufficient time to do the research into all of the many factors that go into human immunity to Covid-19. How many antibodies does it take to keep a WMer safe, and is there a test to count them? It's an impossibly hard question to answer: The more virulent a viral variant is, [...]

How many antibodies does it take to keep a WMer safe from Covid-19?2021-08-05T18:09:17-04:00

Covid-19 Vaccine Rollout: Every Province and Territory


Lymphoma Canada has done us a service by collecting together links to the rollout plans for Covid-19 vaccines, for all provinces and territories.  Obviously, these plans will change over time, so you will want to check back periodically to your province’s or territory’s plan. This table comes from a report that Lymphoma Canada has put together, answering important questions that lymphoma patients might have about the Covid-19 vaccines.  According to Lymphoma Canada: Lymphoma Canada, along with the help and support of our Scientific Advisory Board consisting of leading hematologists and oncologists from across Canada, have created a report addressing [...]

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Dr. Ansell on Key Knowledge Gaps for WM Research, and Covid Vaccines


The IWMF held a North America Support Group Leaders meeting on January 15, 2021 with Dr. Ansell of the Mayo Clinic (Rochester, MN) as the guest speaker. We’ve posted here a few approximate timestamps for topics in the video, in case you are only interested in a particular item.  But they are all worthwhile – he is an excellent speaker and explainer!  The topics covered included: (From 4:40 to 24:30)  As chair of the IWMF Scientific Advisory Committee he discusses how the committee operates.  But this is not just a dry talk about committee structures – he spends the majority [...]

Dr. Ansell on Key Knowledge Gaps for WM Research, and Covid Vaccines2021-01-27T17:35:53-05:00

Dec. 2020: IWMF Q&A on WM and COVID-19


On Dec. 23, 2020, our sister organization the IWMF issued a list of Q&A on the subject of Covid-19.  The bottom line is: "When asked whether WM patients should be vaccinated for COVID-19, every WM specialist contacted agreed that it would be prudent to do so but to consult with your cancer doctor first." IWMF COVID-19 NEWS BRIEF – DECEMBER 2020 The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has affected the global community, with each country developing safety protocols of different types and durations. We know that the IWMF community has many questions about the vaccine, and we hope this news brief offers [...]

Dec. 2020: IWMF Q&A on WM and COVID-192021-01-27T17:35:12-05:00

April 2020: Ibrutinib and Covid-19


As a follow up to the article that appeared in Forbes magazine, Blood, the world’s leading haematology magazine, has published an article by Dr. Steve Treon. In the article, Dr. Treon explains the logic and process of ibrutinib’s possible effect on COVID-19. We have provided a .pdf of the article here. Of extra interest to WMFC members is the reference to the transgenic mouse model which has been through two stages of research that the WMFC has funded and supported with Dr. Treon at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute over the last five or six years. .PDF of Dr. Treon's [...]

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Dec. 2020: Dr. Castillo Discusses Covid-19 Vaccines


On Dec. 2, 2020, the Support Group leaders from across the US and Canada got together over Zoom.  There are three sections to the video.  The most important is the following one, given the current Covid situation: From approximately the 22 minute mark to the 34 minute point, Dr. Castillo of the Dana-Farber Bing Center discusses the leading Covid-19 candidates, and his take on their safety and efficacy in WM patients. The other two sections of the video include: From approximately 36:50 to 42:00, there is a discussion of topics presented at the recent ASH 2020 conference (American Society of [...]

Dec. 2020: Dr. Castillo Discusses Covid-19 Vaccines2021-01-27T17:34:01-05:00

August 2020: Treatment Guidance during Covid-19


Consensus Statement Published August, 2020 In the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the International Workshop on Waldenström Macroglobulinemia (IWWM) Treatment Recommendations Panel has published a consensus statement for the management of Waldenström Macroglobulinemia (WM) patients during this challenging time. The Panel followed the current recommendations by the American Society of Hematology, which have been modified accordingly to fit the specific realities associated with the management of WM. The Panel addressed questions related to treatment initiation, preferred therapies, minimizing visit to clinics and infusions centers, supportive care and guidance for WM patients in clinical trials. It also provided information on timing [...]

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