We have a YouTube channel!  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYDcXKrk4Nedjj_RIz1B_NQ will take you there.

This channel has collected all of the WMFC videos we’ve been able to find, into one place.  This includes the collection of videos from our 2019 Ed Forum, and many recordings of Zoom meetings, both older and more recent, that featured a guest speaker.

Future WMFC videos (those recordings of Zoom meetings that feature a guest speaker, and our next Ed Forum) will be put there, too.

One thing to be aware of: if you are looking at some of our older posts on this website, and you click on a link to view a video and it takes you to one you can’t see because it is “Private” – look for it directly in our YouTube channel.  We’ve moved it there.

Oh, and don’t forget to Subscribe!  (Everyone with a YouTube channel says that!!)