Who do you know that can help us fund a cure for WM?
Join the WMFC Fundraising Committee

The WMFC is recruiting members for its Fundraising Committee.  We depend on donors to do our important work, and each year we raise funds to support WM research.  Recently, the WMFC created a volunteer Fundraising Committee to lead our fundraising efforts, and we hope you’ll consider joining us.

The WMFC Fundraising Committee supports the planning, coordination, and implementation of WMFC fundraising to support strategic and program priorities.  The Committee plays an essential role in determining the WMFC’s fundraising strategy, supporting events and campaigns, pursuing Pharma and foundation funding, and supporting donor stewardship.  Membership on the Committee is open to all who are interested in helping the WMFC raise funds and anyone in the WMFC family, including donors, WMers or their friends and family.

We seek committed volunteers to join our Committee for at least a year.  Volunteers don’t need to be professional fundraisers, but if your background includes fundraising, public relations/marketing, grant writing, events management, and corporate engagement, we’d love for you to consider this opportunity.  We’re especially interested in volunteers with an interest in helping the WMFC organize events.  If you don’t have fundraising experience, this Committee is an excellent opportunity to become more involved in the WMFC and gain fundraising experience!

In addition to leading our fundraising efforts, we are committed to ensuring the Committee reflects the community of Canadians living with WM and supporting regional representation.

To learn more, please email the WMFC Fundraising Committee at str1668@gmail.com.

Who do you know that can communicate clearly and effectively?

If you ever considered volunteering for a charity but did not know what you had to offer, here is an intriguing opportunity.  With the ever-expanding numbers of WMFC members and Support Groups in Canada, communication is becoming extremely important both within and outside our Foundation.   This involves some or all of the following:

  • improving communication to our members (both web and newsletter) by editing/writing the content and enhancing the designs
  • designing the content of patient support videos
  • drafting brochures and other promotional material
  • developing a relationship with the media to create awareness of our Foundation and events
  • writing stories about our members’ WM journeys
  • promoting educational and fundraising membership activities

If you have a few extra hours each week and would like to volunteer for the WMFC and these ideas have appeal, we would love to hear from you.

For further information, please contact Cam Fraser cam.fraser@wmfc.ca.

Cam Fraser
WMFC Board Chair