Research Month
On behalf of the WMFC Board I would like to thank all those who have made a contribution to this year’s Research Month.  It has been a great month for the WMFC and you have enabled the Board to fulfil the commitments it has made to support leading research in both the United States and Canada.

It is never too late for those who would like to send in a contribution towards the research work the WMFC is supporting.

Paul’s Walk to Support Research Month
May has been a long and very cool month in New Brunswick and by the end of the month I have reached my goal of 10K a day in May.  To date we have received donations of $29,814.  I want to thank Elsebeth Kriening for leading the Manitoba group and pushing to get 10K in every day.  The response to both Elsebeth’s and my efforts has been heart warming and very encouraging.  There is a third group of people walking 10K a day in May just to support the challenge, and it has been so encouraging to see the positive response.  Thank you.  We appreciate your support.  Thank you to those donors who financially supported Paul’s and Elsebeth’s Walk for WMFC.

National Zoom Meeting
Please join us for our next National Zoom meeting when Dr. Christine Chen will be our guest speaker.  The meeting will take place June 15, 7:00pm ET.   Here is the link:
(Meeting ID: 816 8323 1627)

New WMFC Board Chair
After serving as the WMFC Board Chair for two years, Paul Kitchen stepped down from the position at the Board meeting which immediately followed the AGM on May 19 and Cam Fraser was elected the Chair of the Board.  Paul will remain on the Board.

Paul Kitchen
WMFC Board Member