Lymphoma Canada has done us a service by collecting together links to the rollout plans for Covid-19 vaccines, for all provinces and territories.  Obviously, these plans will change over time, so you will want to check back periodically to your province’s or territory’s plan.

This table comes from a report that Lymphoma Canada has put together, answering important questions that lymphoma patients might have about the Covid-19 vaccines.  According to Lymphoma Canada:

Lymphoma Canada, along with the help and support of our Scientific Advisory Board consisting of leading hematologists and oncologists from across Canada, have created a report addressing major concerns and questions from the lymphoma community. Topics discussed in this report include the impact of COVID-19 on lymphoma patients, the COVID-19 vaccines, risks or restrictions for lymphoma patients, and provincial and territorial immunization plans.

Much of the report repeats themes we have heard before, but being specifically Canadian and targeted at lymphoma patients, you may find it useful.  That document can be found here:

Perhaps more importantly, at the Lymphoma Canada Covid-19 information hub (, you will find links to many more resources, including some for self-care and mental wellness, which may be particularly useful as Canada continues through its latest wave.