On Dec. 2, 2020, the Support Group leaders from across the US and Canada got together over Zoom.  There are three sections to the video.  The most important is the following one, given the current Covid situation:

  • From approximately the 22 minute mark to the 34 minute point, Dr. Castillo of the Dana-Farber Bing Center discusses the leading Covid-19 candidates, and his take on their safety and efficacy in WM patients.

The other two sections of the video include:

  • From approximately 36:50 to 42:00, there is a discussion of topics presented at the recent ASH 2020 conference (American Society of Hematology).  They do point out, however, that the next issue of the Torch will have good summaries of the ASH abstracts that relate to WM, so that may be the better reference, once it comes out.
  • And lastly, at the beginning of the video, there is an introduction of a new member of the Dana-Farber Bing Center, joining Dr. Castillo.  We will likely be hearing more from Dr. Shayna Sarosiek as time goes on.

You can view the video here: