Here they are, the many successes of the WMFC Waldenstrom’s September Walk.

But before we start, first of all a really big “Thank You” to Paul Kitchen for spearheading this walk, and for encouraging others to join in.

Goal number 1: “Get the word out about WM”.  Ensure Canadians across the country are aware of this disease, and of how we are taking up the challenge, by ourselves, to help find a cure:

  • We attracted the attention of more than 40 new donors — a big indication that the word about WM got spread around!

And then there is, of course, goal number 2: Raise money towards a cure.  All you “walkers” and donors, you have done us proud.  And we know there are still cheques in the mail!!

  • There were 8 “walkers” — you people are the greatest!
  • Almost 100 individuals donated!
  • Total raised: over $18,500!!

Thank you, all of you.  Well done!

Message from the previous chair of the WMFC, Paul Kitchen:

September is the WMFC’s Walk for Waldenstrom’s.  Starting September 1, I am going to walk as far as I can each day for 30 days.  I am hoping to average between 8 and 10 km a day walking the equivalent distance from my home in Rothesay, New Brunswick through St. Stephen, NB, on to Calais, Maine, USA, which is slightly over 200 km.  Each day there will be an update of my progress posted on this page, including a blog stating how the walk went that day.

Any support that we can give the WMFC will allow the board to invest in new research that will help find even more treatments for WM and help this rare disease be put under control.

You can help:

To donate in support of my walk, or to have someone donate in support of your own walk, use the WMFC website donation form (  Designate your donation as “In Honour Of”, and fill in the name of the walker.  Use the form to send an e-card, or not, as you like.  As long as a walker’s name is filled in, the WMFC can track the donations being raised for the walk.

You can join in, and help spread the word:

There are many charity walks, but they often take place in big groups and for one day.  Whereas, I am trying to have a smaller group walk that takes place over 30 days and therefore is different and could catch the attention of a media news outlet.  If you are a volunteer who is going to try and walk a few km each day, call your local newspaper or radio station and see if they will do a quick interview.  (See this example!)  You will be surprised how the publicity will change the amount of money you can raise!

Please feel free to contact me at, if you need any advice, encouragement or if you have any questions.

Thanks, and good luck!

Let’s all see what we can do to help WMFC-funded research conquer Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia.

Thank you to any and all volunteers and good luck.

Paul Kitchen
WMFC Trustee

To show your support for Paul and his walk, mark your on-line donation as “In Honour of someone”, and fill in “Paul Kitchen” as the Honoree.  Or support someone else that you know who is  Walking for Waldenstrom’s.  They will get the message that you are cheering them on!

And check back here during the month of September — we’ll update this page with information on how the Walk for Waldenstrom’s is going, across Canada!!

You can read more about WM, and about Paul’s journeys with it — both lifelong, and during the month of September — in the following, kindly provided by ESRI Canada.  Check out Paul’s blog entries and photos from his daily walks — they’re all in there!

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