With your kind donations and in partnership with the IWMF, the WMFC has committed $100,000, over two years, towards each of the following major WM research projects:

  1. Following our support of Dr. Zachary Hunter’s previous successful research at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute at Harvard University we are now supporting another.  Dr. Hunter is looking ever more closely at the inner workings of WM with a study of the different versions of WM-related genes (called isoforms), finding new versions and studying how these genes evolve in WM.  It’s a two year US$480,000 project.
  2. For the first time we have an opportunity to support a WM research project at the world-renowned Mayo Clinic in Rochester.  Led by Dr. Patrizia Mondello, the project looks at how two genes – IRF4 and MYD88 L265P – work together to cause WM, and their effect on the WM microenvironment.  This is also a two year US$480,000 project.

The WMFC’s commitment to this kind of fundamental research keeps us in tune with the latest research on WM.  Understanding the inner workings of cellular communication networks, genes, and their variations are all clues in the search for a cure.