In partnership with the IWMF, we are thrilled to make available to you two booklets that are part of the Global Initiative for education of both patients and physicians, worldwide.

And through the generosity of educational grants from BeiGene and Janssen, printed copies have been put in the mail to our WMFC members (as of about Nov. 1, 2023).  And we will continue sending out copies to new members as long as our supplies last!

Of course, you can download and print your own copies using the links below.

The first booklet, Essential Information: A Patient’s Guide, answers the questions you would typically ask of your own physician.  This booklet has been written jointly by the most senior WM researchers at the Mayo Clinic, the Bing Center for WM, and the IWMF.

And the second booklet, Essential Information: A Physician’s Guide, is a compilation of current knowledge on the diagnosis, treatment, and established protocols for WM, as a guide to physicians.  Although more medically written (complete with references to peer-reviewed, published research articles), we feel it is critical for all patients to be aware of and understand their treatment options.  This booklet was written by two WM specialists from the Bing Center for WM at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

In both cases, we have applied a small number of Canadian-specific footnotes, to ensure that what is written is applicable to typical Canadian medical scenarios.

Available in both English and French.