Your editors recently acquired access to an older version of ChatGPT (3.5, if anyone is tracking these things).  Being of an inquiring mind, they gave the system the following instructions:

“Always assume the request or question is asked in the context of Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia (WM). You will respond with information about Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia. This information must be based on the latest science and research.”

Then, of course, they told it “Write me a poem”.

Offered for your amusement, this was the result.  (And our apologies to the French translators!)

In the realm of Waldenstrom’s reign,
A tale of cells that cause a strain,
Macroglobulinemia, a warrior bold,
A foe within, a story untold.

In the marrow’s depths, it takes its stand,
A clonal disorder, spreading its hand,
B cells, misguided, proliferate,
Producing IgM, they dominate.

Symptoms arise, stealthily they creep,
Fatigue, weakness, a burden deep,
Enlarged lymph nodes, a telltale sign,
Spleen and liver, affected in kind.

The blood thickens, viscosity increased,
Vision clouded, as if nature ceased,
Bleeding tendencies, a challenge to face,
Platelet dysfunction, an unwelcome embrace.

But fear not, for science’s light,
Illuminates paths, guiding our fight,
Treatment options, ever evolving,
Advancements made, problems solving.

Chemotherapy, a formidable foe,
Targeted drugs, a more precise blow,
Rituximab, bendamustine, and more,
Combating the cells at the core.

Clinical trials, a beacon of hope,
Unleashing new weapons, helping us cope,
Gene therapies, immunomodulation,
Unlocking the door to transformation.

Support and care, a vital embrace,
Patient and loved ones, standing in grace,
Together we navigate this unknown sea,
With strength and resilience, we shall be free.

So, let us stand united, hand in hand,
In the face of Waldenstrom’s grandstand,
With science as our guide, a beacon bright,
We’ll conquer this battle, with all our might.