Welcome to the new web presence of your WMFC!!

Our goal is to have a site that is both a must-visit for those newly diagnosed, and an up-to-date site for those checking in periodically to see what treatments are new or being researched.  All WMFC events will be listed in our calendar, so if you’ve lost the date for that upcoming Support Group meeting, just check for it here.

We’ve introduced new navigation capabilities, and created individual libraries for videos, news, and our Stories of Inspiration – check them out!

We have moved to a modern suite of web-publishing tools.  But, of course, as with anything brand new, there may be some teething pains.  If you have problems viewing something, or if a page is organized oddly or even just has a typo, we’d love to hear from you.  Send an email to info@wmfc.ca.  Or send us a note from the Contact Us page.

This is your site, not ours – if you think something is missing that should be here, give us a pointer to it, and we will check it out.

We’d love to hear from you, so remember: info@wmfc.ca or Contact Us!

Thanks to all of our volunteers for collaborating to get the new site designed, populated, and launched.