An update from Michael Knowlton.  He has recently (Dec., 2021) published two new videos: You Can’t Have the Highs Without the Lows, and Navigating The Journey Of Illness.   Check out his entire series, documenting his journey with WM, his sources of inspiration, and the truths he lives with: “We CAN cer-vive“.

He also added the following message to his fellow WMers:

Happy anniversary to me lol.  15 years today since my cancer diagnosis in 2006.

As many of you know, I started a video series titled We CANcer Vive based on my experiences of living with an incurable cancer.  It’s been some time since I have posted.

The last while has once again involved a lot of medical intervention.  In August, I developed numbness in my chin and my face.  The MRI report showed cancer cells having a party on the nerves on my brain and brain stem.

My oncologist suggested radiation therapy.  It was a tough call to decide to do radiation on my brain and brain stem.  I was scared but I went for it.  I did 8 sessions over two weeks.  They custom mould a mask for you and essentially bolt you to the table to precisely hit the right spots.  It’s fast and painless, and it worked.  The numbness in my face dissipated.

Everyday, we celebrate the small victories.

Next up … a few more lumbar punctures were done to inject chemo directly into my cerebral spinal fluid to attack cancer cells there.  Last night I did an MRI that will tell a lot.  CT and PET scans just didn’t show the details I need to know.  One hour in the MRI machine without moving, eyes closed, mostly thinking of the clean report I want to receive.

In this video:  You can’t have the highs without the lows.  It speaks my truth.  Working hard to keep my spirits up and my legs moving. I’m so happy I did these videos because I can watch them and remind myself take my own advice.


Sending BIG hugs and loads of good energy your way.  Here’s to hoping you’re managing WELL (thriving) in spite of the day to day challenges we all face.

Special thanks to Kath Films Videography for the great work producing these videos!