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Listen in while Dr. Jorge Castillo presents the most up-to-date WM information to your medical team.

Dr. Jorge Castillo is the Clinical Director of the Bing Center for Waldenström’s Macroglobulinemia (within the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute) and Professor of Medicine at Harvard University Medical School.  Dr. Catillo has specialized in WM for years, and brings an incredible depth of background to every conversation about WM.

First of all, bring this to the attention of your doctors, especially your hematologist or oncologist.  The easy way is to forward this email to them or their admin.  They can get the full details from this flyer, on our web site.  Or you can print it off and bring it to them, if you are seeing them.  Spelling it out, that flyer is available at www.wmfc.ca/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/JCastillo-WM-Update-2022-05-19.pdf.

This is intended for hematologists and oncologists.  But GPs and other medical professionals are welcome to attend as well, if they are interested.

The more we can build up knowledge of WM in the Canadian medical system, the more likely it is that the newest and best treatments will be made available to us, and the better our own treatment outcomes will be.

And secondly, you can listen in.  You’ll need to register, though.  We’ve got a short URL for registration: www.rebrand.ly/WM-Update.  This will take you to a registration page.  A couple key details about registration for WMFC members:

  • Please fill in “Hospital/Institution” with “WMFC”
  • For “Medical Specialization”, please select “Other” (and put anything you like in the next box)
  • Please fill in “Number of Current WM Patients” with 1

This is not Zoom; so you will not appear by either video or audio.  There is nothing to download onto your computer; it works directly out of your browser.  You’ll be able to watch and listen to the presentation.  The medical professionals will be submitting their questions via a text interface, we’ll moderate those to Dr. Castillo, and you can listen to the Q&A.

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