LLSC Webcast: How CAR T Is Changing How We Treat Blood Cancers

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As part of a four-day event entitled “The National Leukemia Conference”, LLSC will kick off with a keynote session on how CAR-T technology is being used to treat blood cancer.  This is more background on how CAR-T can be used; specific applications of the technology on WM are still a ways away.

The description of the webcast reads as follows:

CAR T therapy is a powerful new tool for treating some forms of blood cancer that have not responded to other treatments. Some patients have been cured of their cancer after receiving CAR T therapy.

Dr. Mark Bosch, a stem cell transplant physician at the Saskatoon Cancer Centre, will discuss how the therapy is currently used to treat blood diseases. He will also outline future uses with a focus on the Canadian landscape.

For more information on the Conference, go to https://www.bloodcancers.ca/events/national-virtual-leukemia-conference.

To register, go to https://zoom.us/webinar/register/4516563591276/WN_8VzZVqQlQf-cTXnr0ED5VQ.

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